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Estimated Time: 5 Hours

Course Instructors

John Teravskis John Teravskis Author

John Teravskis, CPESC, QSP/QSD, ToR, QISP is a Senior Compliance Specialist with WGR Southwest, Inc., and is the office manager of the Lodi, CA branch.

Vern Slater Vern Slater Author

Vern Slater is a QSP/QSD and CPESC certified Project Scientist and Training Coordinator with Active Treatment Systems, Inc. Vern has been involved in treatment system design, implementation, and operations since 2007, and holds a Water Treatment Operation Specialist Certification from CSU Sacramento.

Brendan Coyne Brendan Coyne Author

Brendan is an Account Manager at Clear Creek Systems, Inc., a nation-wide water treatment company that specializes in turnkey treatment solutions, focusing on construction site ground water and storm water. Brendan is responsible for sales and customer service at Clear Creek Systems.

Mike Garcia Mike Garcia Author

Mike is a regional sales representative for Bio Clean (a Forterra Company), a storm water treatment company that offers a variety of treatment devices for all types of applications.

Bryan Hofmann Bryan Hofmann Author

Bryan is a regional sales representative for Filtrexx Sustainable Technologies. Filtrexx manufactures compost-based treatment solutions for a wide variety of storm water applications.